Video: Napa Space Saver Assembly Instructions

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Featured » Napa Space Saver Assembly Instructions

Thank you for purchasing a Napa Space Saver by Cheyanne Products. The hardware in this package includes eighteen one inch bolts, fifteen one half inch bolts, four screw on feet, one Allen wrench, two mounting screws, two plastic anchors. Assembly parts include two top side frame sections, two middle front tubes, two middle back tubes, two top/middle shelf sections, one top back panel, three long tubes, seven short tubes, two side cross bars, one bottom shelf, two bottom side frames and one bottom cross bar. Step one, screw the four feet 'C' into the two bottom side frames 'O'. Step two, attach the bottom cross bar 'P' to the bottom side frames 'O' using one inch bolts 'A' and the supplied Allen wrench 'D'. It is best to start the bolts by hand before tightening with the supplied Allen wrench 'D'. Do not fully tighten. Step three, attach the two middle front tubes to the lower frame assembly. For this step, use pieces 'H' and 'I' and hardware pieces 'B' and 'D'. Insert the two middle front tubes and two middle back tubes onto the bottom side frames. Screw in hardware piece 'B' by hand and tighten half way. Step four, attach two side cross bars 'M' to two middle front tubes 'H' and two middle back tubes 'I' using one quarter inch bolts 'B'. Hold the cross bar 'M' in place and start bolt 'B' by hand before tightening half way with wrench 'D'. Step five, attach lower shelf 'N' to the frame assembly using one inch bolts 'A'. Hold the shelf 'N' in place level with the two side cross bars 'M' while starting the bolt 'A' by hand. Note the holes in shelf 'N' should be on the back side of the frame Assembly. Same side as bottom cross bar 'P'. Step six, attach four short tubes 'L2' to the shelf assembly using one quarter inch bolt 'B'. Insert the four short tubes into the holes in the side cross bars 'M'. Be sure to insert the tubes correctly with the end labelled 'top' at the top. While holding the short tube 'L2' in place, screw the one quarter inch bolt through the bottom of 'M' and into the tube by hand. Then tighten half way with the supplied wrench 'D'. Step seven, attaching the two top side frame sections. Insert the top side frame section 'G' to the top of the side tubes 'H' and 'I'. Be sure to line up the short tubes 'L2' with the holes in the bottom of 'G'. Step eight, attach the middle and top shelves 'J' using one inch bolts 'A'. Hold the middle shelf in place level with the base of piece 'G' and start a one inch bolt through the side by hand to hold it in place. Note, the holes in shelf 'J' should be on the back side of the frame assembly, aligned with the holes in shelf 'N'. Repeat the same process for the top shelf 'J'. Step nine, insert tubes 'L2' and 'L3' through the back section of the shelves. Secure using one quarter inch bolts 'B'. Slide the short tubes 'L2' into the holes in the back of the bottom two shelves 'N' and 'J'. Note, the end of the tube labelled 'top' should remain level with the middle shelf. Once the short tubes are in place insert the long tubes 'L3' into the holes in the back of the top shelf. The long tubes will touch the side of the short tubes labelled 'top'. Secure the short tubes by screwing one quarter inch bolts 'B' through the bottom shelf 'N' and into the base of the tube. Step ten, attach back panel 'K' to the three long tubes 'L3' and the top side frame sections 'G'. Slide the long tubes into the three holes at the base of panel 'K'. Line up the holes at the top of 'G' with the holes in 'K'. Screw one inch bolts 'A' through 'G' and into 'K' to secure it. Step eleven, remove bolts from bottom cross bar 'P' and position the assembled shelf in your bathroom. Once the shelf is in place, re-install the lower cross bar 'P' using one inch bolts 'A'. At this point use the provided wrench 'D' to tighten all bolts that were hand tight or half way tight. Step twelve, mounting the shelf to a wall. This step is not required. If mounting to studs in the wall, drill screw mounting screw directly into the wall. If mounting to dray wall, drill five sixteenth inch pilot holes and tap in part 'F' before using the mounting screws 'E' to secure the shelf.
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