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Now you can get coffee how you like it and when you want to with the Breville Youbrew. Its the first coffee machine that lets you grind whole-beans and you can either make a wholecraf or just a single serving for your favourite mug or a travel mug. Set the timer with the desired strength and flavour settings and the perfect cup of coffee will be ready when you are and for the fresher's cup use only whole beans just lock it into place and pour the beans in the hobba. If you want to use free gram coffee that is fine too just turn the grinder off and be sure never to use espresso grind because finer grind may actually cause the bass to overflow. Press the open button to remove the basket and you can use either the gold turned filter with the handle facing towards the hinge or a paper filter and be sure to use the larger 8 to 12 cup paper filters and never use the gold turned paper filter at the same time. Next hook the basket on to the door, then use the intruded LCD screen to program the preferences. Fill the water tank with cold filtered water. The bass on the LCD screen will go up as the waterlevel increases and be careful not to overfill it. To brew pot press the button and brew from maximum 12 cups right down to minimum 2cups. Unlike other brew coffee machines, with the youbrew you can brew less the most actually in the tank so even if it is completely full you can use only a few cups or even just a single serving. To brew a single cup press the single cup button, choose the amount of bass on the LCD screen depending on your cup size. The Youbrew will accommodate any cup size from smaller sizes to mugs to 20 ounce cup or even travel size mugs. For taller mugs press the open button and take out the drip tray and put the mug in the well and just shut the door. Now you can pick from the 7 brew strengths starting at mild going all the way to intense. Next select your flavour prefer and choose between 5 settings which vary the steeping time. Choose between the light right upto bold. The longer the coffee sits in the water the more flavour that is thrown out and to wake upto a fresh cup of coffee use the auto start feature. Program the clock and then set the auto set time. then press start and you are good to go. Clean the gold filter basket thoroughly or remove the paper filter and remove any used grinds in the rubber nozzle by giving this part a thorough rinse and dry and you can also use the brush that is included to clean the inside. Now i'm picking my correct size and letting the smart features take care of the rest. The Youbrew brought to you by the brew thinkers at Breville.
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