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Culinary technique: Frying "Frying" is a cooking technique that consists in cooking food in an open frypan with a small quantity of fat or oil. In order to achieve perfect cooking results, we must preheat the frypan, with enough butter to sufficiently cook baste and brown the steak. The All Clad "Copper Core" frypan is ideally designed to give you excellent results thanks to its ability to distribute heat effectively. The meat is seared quickly in order to retain its flavour and tenderness. You can make your steak even more delicious and serve it with a creamy and spicy pepper sauce. Tip to seize a meat (without fat): Run the droplet test. Preheat your frying pan a few minutes. To check if the frying pan achieves the good temperature to seize a meat, deposit a droplet in the center of the frying pan. Once the desired temperature is reached, the droplet is going to divide and occupy a big part of the cooking surface without evaporating.

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