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Amanda Byron from Joe Art of Coffee in New York City demonstrates how to pour the perfect espresso shot using the Breville Dual Boiler. Joe Art of Coffee Started in 2003, local family-owned Joe Coffee "is perhaps the best all-around coffee shop in New York City (Eater 2012)" with "some of the best-trained baristas in the biz (Imbibe Magazine 2012)". Joe is dedicated to making flawless coffee served with warm hospitality. Joe has been named one of the "Best U.S. Coffee Bars" by Food & Wine, listed as one of "10 outstanding coffee bars in New York City" by The New York Times, and has had countless articles, mentions and awards besides. About Amanda Byron 
And now a brief interview with Joe's right hand lady, Amanda Byron, Joe's Director of Coffee, barista trainer, coffee educator Hey Amanda, you look good. now tell me, what's your background?
"well, I grew up in Seattle and I've always been obsessed with coffee. I 
remember taking pictures of drinks that I made on my mom's shoddy Gaggia 
espresso machine because I thought that foam on top of coffee looked so cool. 
Amanda, what's your fave drink?
" I love a pair of hot ones in a glass just barely half full of ice water. i'm 
obsessed with that bevvy right now." That sounds yummy. Speaking of faves, what's your fave thing about Joe?
"um, the coffee. and the fact that we make it taste real good."
 Nicely put. Who are your influences?
"uh...geez...i'd have to say that Schomer, Barth, Gregg, and my fellow baristas 
are my biggest coffee influences. But my daily 
influences are Josh(my fiancé), Jonathan and my parents."
That's sweet. We all wanna know, what was Martha Stewart really like?
 She was great. To this day, she and I can be sitting over brunch and laugh 
about when we first met on the set. She makes fun of me because I was so 
nervous and I make fun of her because she tripped over her words! just two gal 
pals passing the time on a Sunday afternoon."

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