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It’s hard to tell where skin problems start. AVEENO® is here to tell you how to get clear skin and realize some things you may not know affect your skin. Your Cell Phone: Oil on face can transfer to your phone and press into your skin. To prevent clogged pores, try using a headset for long phone calls. Your Hands: We use our hands for everything. Even if you wash them regularly, try to avoid touching your face. Treated Air: Treated air can often cause dehydrated skin. Indoor heating in the winter, along with the dry air outside, can really strip away moisture. Plus in the summer, air conditioning and dry-heat can have the same effect. Over-Washing: Keeping your skin clean is important is an important part of taking care of your skin, but over-washing and over-exfoliating can actually irritate your skin. Hot Water: Using hot water can remove natural oils from the skin too quickly, causing dry skin. Make-Up: You may be tempted to cover up your blemishes, but if you do, look for make-up with labels like “oil-free makeup” and “non-comedogenic makeup”.

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