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It has been more than 10 years since we introduced the first OXO Salad Spinner. At the time, salad spinners were still a novelty item and not the kitchen staple they are today. But a lot can change in a decade from new materials and manufacturing technologies to extensive product testing and user feedback. It seemed like the right time to overhaul what is now one of our most recognized items. The most noticeable difference is the shape of the bowl which has a wider base, flat top and dare we say an elegant look. The non-slip ring on the base has been redesigned to do an even better job sticking to the counter when spinning at top speed. The flat top of the Spinner makes storage much more convenient in either the refrigerator or cupboard. To allow for more greens or berries to be dried, the size of the pump mechanism has been reduced to accommodate more arugula or frisee. For ultimate convenience, the underside of the lid comes apart with the simple press of a button to clean all surfaces. In addition, we reengineered the built-in break to work like car brakes and stop on a dime. The Salad Spinner still features a soft, non-slip knob that activates the pump mechanism and because we know people like options, the Spinner is available with a green or clear basket.

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