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Watch our video tutorial on how to turn the fabric seat to turn our baby bouncer into a children’s chair for when your child is able to sit unaided. Other BABYBJÖRN video tutorials: Our baby bouncers are ergonomic with natural rocking. • Folds flat and portable. Lightweight and portable at home, but also folds flat when you’re on the go. Three different positions: play, rest and sleep. • Natural bouncing. Gentle, natural bouncing created by you or your child. No batteries or cords are needed, and the baby bouncer makes no noise. • Long period of use. Use the baby bouncer from newborn and up to the age of 2 years. Once your child has learned to sit unaided, you can turn the fabric around and use it as a comfortable children’s chair. • Ergonomic baby bouncer. Ergonomic baby bouncer with support for a baby’s back, neck and head. The fitted fabric seat molds itself to your child’s body and evenly distributes their weight. This gives your child good support, which is particularly important for young babies whose muscles are not yet fully developed. • Happy children, happy parents. While your baby plays happily or rests safely, you get a chance to take a shower or prepare a meal. The fun bouncing also helps your baby to develop their balance and motor skills. Learn more about our baby bouncers: –––––––––– For more video tutorials on how to use BABYBJÖRN products, see our playlist BABYBJÖRN Video Tutorials here: Find more BABYBJÖRN videos on the Official BABYBJÖRN YouTube Channel: Visit us at:

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