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Just as your skin needs to be cleansed and cared for in order to retain its natural beauty, your wood floors also need a special beauty regime to ensure their long life. Treating your wood or laminate flooring correctly not only does its outer appearance good, but also helps maintain its long-lasting value. Thanks to Leifheit’s Protection Sprayer Care & Protect, caring for wood floors has never been easier. The cleaning/protection liquids "Care" or "Protect" come in ready-to-use cartridges which insert into the Leifheit Protection Sprayer Care & Protect. The spray function will offer a clean application and even distribution of the liquid to the floor. No dirty hands, elbow grease or bending over required. With its super-soft Wiper Cover made from microfibre-free polyester fibres, the wood can be gently wiped. A flexible, professional universal wiper joint makes it simple to apply the product in wavy lines and ensures that difficult to reach areas, such as under furniture, receive the care needed. The Leifheit “Care” and “Protect” liquid cartridges suitable for Varnished/Laminate or Oiled/Waxed wood floors have been specially designed for the Protection Sprayer Care & Protect and are available separately.

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