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The Aurora 3D Kneading Massager Seat allows for a relaxing and full back massage in the office, home or car. Enjoy a shiatsu style massage with soothing heat all at the same time. It concentrates on your back moving up and down or concentrated to either the upper or lower portion of your back. With the soothing heat option and the up and down movement of the massage it promotes relaxation, tension relief and improved circulation including a vibrating seated cushion. Box includes a remote control with a remote control holder and a vehicle cigarette lighter adapter. • Easy to install anywhere - Car, Home, Office. • Soothing heat with up and down full back kneading shiatsu massage. • 4 Nodes for optimal deep kneading and rolling massage. • Remote control for easy and safe use. • 15 Minute Automatic Mode. • Spot massage option with concentration on lower or upper back. • Easy to transfer and store • Product Dimensions: 18L x 16W x 26H inches

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