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Luxuriously beautiful. Cutting-edge technology meets elegant design with Zadro's Glamour Mirror. On one side, the 5X magnification is great for viewing up close in detail while still allowing you to see your entire face. On the other side, the 1X magnification is perfect for all-around hairstyling, cosmetics, and every beauty need in between. No matter how dim the environment, the dual-sided, powerfully bright fluorescent light reproduces the effects of natural sunlight to illuminate your entire face. Also, an infinity dimmer switch is located at the base to soften and control the brightness levels for easier viewing on your eyes. Available in a Polished Nickel finish. Features: • 12” Dual Sided Mirror with Optical Quality Glass • Surround Light Fluorescent "Natural Daylight" • 270° Swivel Mirror Head with Rotational Stop • Dual-Sided 5X and 1X Magnification • Even Light Dispersion at Any Angle and Glare Free • Infinity Dimmer Switch • Polished Nickel Finish • Polarized Wall Plug • Patented

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