A better way to clean your grill with the Standard Nylon Brush from Char-Broil

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Next generation grill cleaning is here, with the Char-Broil Advanced Cool-Clean Technology nylon grill brush. This innovative brush cleans grill grates better than traditional metal bristle brushes by using abrasive-infused bristles, which provide more cleaning surface area to remove food debris and deposits. The attractive red nylon bristles break less often than metal bristles, and are angled to help clean critical areas between and under the grates. Cool-Clean Technology brushes are designed to perform on cool-to-touch surfaces, so using before you begin grilling or after the grill has cooled is recommended. Not only is it easy to clean your grill but it's easier to clean your brush, because the removable brush head can be put directly into the dishwasher. Replacement heads are available if needed, creating a longer lasting and cost efficient grilling accessory. The grill brush comes with a heavy duty tool hook and a multi-blade scraper to clean even the toughest of areas.

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