Braun ThermoScan® 5 ear thermometer (IRT6020) - 30s

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When it comes to accurately taking a child’s temperature, doctors trust the precise Braun ThermoScan® Ear thermometer above all others. ThermoScan® provides professional accuracy thanks to its patented, pre-warmed soft tip. The tip on other thermometers can cool the area where the reading is taken, which can lead to inaccurate readings. The tip on the ThermoScan® is warmed before use to prevent this and ensure professional accuracy. Patented ExacTemp® positioning system confirms good position in the ear with a light and a beep. Disposable Braun certified lens filters help prevent the spread of germs. And with its large screen and ergonomic design, ThermoScan® is simple to use. Discover why the Braun ThermoScan® is the No. 1 brand among doctors*. *No. 1 in awareness, usage and recommendation. Source: Ipsos, online study among n=802 GPs and Pediatricians in four European markets (n=200 each in GE, UK, FR, NL), fielded May-June 2012.

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