Char-Broil CenterCut Lump Charcoal

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Cut only from the center of white hardwoods, Char-Broil CenterCut Lump Charcoal is 100% organic and is never made from hardwood scrap. Model # 8996514 The average lump size is 3”. Uniform sizing helps to ensure that each lump is carbonized equally and burns with little variance in heat output. Consistent sizing makes Char-Broil CenterCut easier for you to light, use in your grill, and ultimately achieve more-reliable results – from one box to the next. Most of the water and other natural wood components have been burned-away giving you the only lump charcoal that minimizes unwanted sparks when lighting. You will also find that this regulated manufacturing process has burned-away most of the smoke. This gives you the ability to control the quality of your smoke by adding Char-Broil wood chunks and chips - in the flavor of YOUR choice, just like the top BBQ Pitmasters.

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