Char-Broil TRU-infrared Cooking Technology Explained

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Char-Broil’s patented TRU-Infrared cooking system sits above the gas, coal or electric heat source and redistributes the heat, creating in intensely hot cooking surface without hot or cold spots. When infrared, or radiant, energy comes into contact with food, it makes the molecules within the food vibrate, creating heat. Now any natural fire produces infrared energy, but the intensity of the heat is inconsistent. TRU-Infrared applies more heat to the food and less to the air, resulting in a quicker cook time and food that’s up to 50% juicier. It only takes a few seconds of fire to burn your food. Any drippings are captured by the TRU-Infrared system, preventing flare-ups and redirecting smoke and steam flavors back into the food. With TRU-Infrared cooking technology you can grill with confidence knowing your meal will turn out juicy and delicious every time.

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