Dyson DC59: The latest Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner - Official Dyson Video

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      The new Dyson DC59 vacuum cleaner is lightweight, cordless, sucks up as much dust as conventional vacuum.* Without the hassle of a cord. The new V6 Dyson digital motor, engineered specifically for this machine, is 50% more powerful than its predecessor. This gives the Dyson DC59 vacuum cleaner powerful performance, with the versatility of a cordless format. With a run time enhancing trigger providing 26 minutes cleaning time, DC59 is light and easy to maneuver between high, low and hard to reach spaces. No more fiddling about with plugs or tripping over cords. Simply remove from the docking station and go. #CutTheCord *To prove this our engineers test for pick up performance across carpets (ASTM F608), hard floors (ASTM F2607) and hard floors with crevices (IEC 60312-1 5.2). To mimic actual use, they load machines with dust before testing (IEC 60312-1 5.9).

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