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If there’s one thing Mr. Clean® knows, it’s how to clean bathroom tile. And his best tile floor cleaner is the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Foaming Bathroom Scrubber, which is 30 percent larger than the Magic Eraser Original and has a more durable scrubbing surface for more bathroom shower tile cleaning power. It’s Mr. Clean’s go-to tile and grout cleaner for removing built up grime on your bathroom shower tile. So when you need to tackle tough tile grime remember, there’s no clean like Mr. Clean. This Mr. Clean tutorial video demonstrates how to clean bathroom tile easily using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Foaming Bath Scrubber. Test a small area with light pressure before use. Not recommended for the following surfaces: high gloss, polished, dark, brushed, satin, faux, bare/polished wood, copper, stainless steel appliances, non-stick coating or vehicle body. Rinse required for surfaces in direct contact with food. Do not use with chlorine bleach or other household cleaners. Do not use on skin or other body parts. Using on skin will likely cause abrasions. Avoid contact with eyes. May cause eye irritation. Keep out of reach of toddlers and pets to avoid accidental ingestion.

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