LED Variable Lighted Vanity Mirror 1X/10X - MODEL: LVAR410

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The Dual Sided Magnification LED Variable Lighted Next Generation Vanity Mirror offers a sleek design with energy-saving LED technology and the latest Smart Dimmer Touch Technology. The Variable LED Lighting offers three settings to choose from, including Daylight, Office and Evening, showing your reflection in a customized light for at any time of day! Additionally, while in each light setting, the Smart Dimmer technology allows you to dim or brighten the setting to your perfect light. The customization continues! The mirror head is fully height and angle adjustable, with 360º+ endless rotatable mirrors, allowing you to swivel the mirror any direction at any time! The LED Variable Light Vanity Mirror features a large, high quality Round Vanity Mirror mounted on an elegant pedestal with a beautiful Satin Nickel finish.

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