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Whether you need to dust hardwood, scrub a sticky stain on tile, or anything in between, the OXO Good Grips Double Sided Flip Mop is all you’ll need to make your floor shine. The Mop features two surfaces: soft, absorbent microfiber on one side and foamed scrubbing surface on the other. The Microfiber side is perfect for dry dusting or quick mopping on many different surfaces, and the scrubbing side is great for tough stains or sticky messes. The large, flat sponge head covers a large surface with every swipe and it’s easy to alternate sides with a flip of the lightweight, aluminum Mop handle. With a push of the comfortable handle, the rollers squeeze out the entire sponge, and when in the closed position, create a stand to keep the Mop upright with the sponge off the floor. Sponge heads are securely attached with Velcro and are interchangeable and replaceable.

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