The Big Easy Turkey Fryer Accessories

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The Big Easy Oil-less Fryer is an extremely versatile cooker with a wide variety of cooking accessories allowing you to cook everything from kabobs to cakes. The Big Easy Easy-load Kabob Holder holds 8 kabobs upright in your Big Easy cooker with no cooking basket required. Simply load the skewers with your favorite meats and veggies, stand them in the custom-designed rack and lower them into your cooker. The Big Easy leg racks are specially designed for cooking chicken legs or wings. The set of 2 racks set into place easily with no tools required. You can hang up to 12 legs or wings for cooking all at once. You can also double them up to increase your cooking space. A set of 6 Big Easy Boneless rib hooks or a set of 4 Easy out rib hooks can hold rib slabs up to 11" in length inside the cooking basket. Ribs are ready to enjoy in as little as 45-60 minutes. The Big Easy Stackable Oven is specially designed to bake foods in the Big Easy. Cook Lasagna, cakes, breads, even pizza! The Oven sets directly into the cooking chamber with no tools required and the stackable design allows for cooking with up to 3 ovens at once. The easy out cooking rack expands the cooking space of your Big Easy. Simply hang the handles on the rim of the existing basket, no tools or installation required. It's perfect for cooking two chickens or a whole dinner with meat and sides all at once. A set of 5 Easy out drip pans make clean up a breeze in the big easy. These drip pans are food-safe allowing for juices to be used in sauces and gravies. The Easy-out hinged basket allows maximum access to easily load and unload your turkey or other meats. Simply unlatch the basket and the side swings open. Small spikes help to hold meats in place and the basket is large enough for turkeys up to 16 pounds. All Big Easy cooking accessories are dishwasher safe and make your Big Easy one of the most versatile cookers around.

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